Unfortunately my workshop is closed until further notice so I will not be taking on any new commissions for work.

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Currently there is no system to buy directly online, but you can contact me at the email address above
to have a chat about buying an existing sculpture or commissioning your own artwork.

how much are they?

The prices of the different sculptures depend on their size, complexity and the materials used.
Here is a rough guide to the prices for each species.

Small sculptures
Bees, wasps and bugs From £60/$80 (approx)
Small grasshopers From £80/$113 (approx)
Dragonflies From £150/$210 (approx)
Praying mantises From £150/$210 (approx)
Small tarantulas From £200/$285 (approx)
Beetles From £200/$285 (approx)

Large sculptures
Large grasshopers From £300/$113 (approx)
Large tarantulas From £400/$285 (approx)

(Commissioned pieces are priced the same as pre-made sculptures so don't be shy)

Please email me for any pricing enquiries.

Postage costs depend on the weight of the sculpture but shipping to the US is usually between £10-£15 ($16-$24).

Please be aware that some countries impose restrictions which do not allow ammunition to be imported.
Although I've not experienced any problems with shipping in the past, I am aware that
Arthrobots are clearly terrifying so cannot guarantee that some jobsworth customs officer
won't decide to destroy a package they deem a threat to their country.

PayPal accepted

PayPal, BACS payments and good old fashioned cash are accepted.
All funds must be cleared before the artwork is despatched.

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original steampunk arthropod sculptures by tom hardwidge